The game has 67 different digital negatives from the Unviversity of Georgia vs. Auburn Tigers (Blackout Game). This was the first time that Georgia had worn Black uniforms and boy did it work out!! Georgia beat Auburn 42 to 20. I had my regular digital camera so the pictures won't be as clear and good as other games but it will still give you the chance to hold onto some memories from the game. Just take a look at the photos below! Knowshon Moreno showed us why we need to be excited and Matthew Stafford was once again solid!

If you're interested in these photos, please contact me. If you have memorabilia to trade, that is my favorite way to go! I'm a fan just like you!

The pictures below have been resized but the ones you will receive can be blown up to any size with no altering done on my part. This means that if you would like to make a poster for your kids wall or just an 8x10 for you personal collection, you'll be able to. You'll also be able to get individual pictures made for autographs. I've sold quite a few Cards & Disks and I've had nothing but great responses about the pictures.

Massaquoi and Henderson Getting Ready


Matthew Stafford in Black

Lumpkin getting Knowshon Ready

Before they ran out in Black!

Senior Johnson had a great game



The tricked the fans with red





UGA in his all black outfit!