You get a lottery card & disk with 113 different digital negatives from West Virginia Mountaineers Practice at the Sweet 16 for only $2.50. What a treat this was! I just upgraded my lens so I have tons of non-stop photo action! They opened the doors to the public for 1 hour and I took advantage of it. I was able to see a lights out team shoot like crazy and run a solid practice. They're getting ready for for the Regional in Atlanta with LSU, Duke and Texas. You'll 3's, fast breaks and other practice drills! Here's your chance to get pictures of Frank Young, Kevin Pittsnogle, Patrick Beilein, Johannes Herber and the rest of the Mountaineers!

The pictures below have been resized and labeled with "" but the ones you will receive can be blown up to any size with no altering done on my part. This means that if you would like to make a poster for your kids wall or just an 8x10 for you personal collection, you'll be able to. You'll also be able to get individual pictures made for autographs. I've sold quite a few Cards & Disks and I've had nothing but great responses about the pictures.


Lottery Card - The card you will get with any of my auctions can range anything from a common to a superstar. I have a ton of cards set aside from my inventory that I need to get rid of. Ranging from Shaq rookies, Jordans, Jeff Francoeur Rookies, Chipper Jones, Andruw Jones, Mike Vick, etc. The more Card & Disk sets you buy, the better chance you have of pulling a stud! This allows me to share my experience with you along with selling my card collection for a fair price instead of a quarter of beckett.