This auction is for a disk with Over 100 different digital negatives from the 2005 Green Bay Packers vs. Atlanta Falcons Game for only $1.99. The Atlanta Falcons didn't show up against Green Bay and they got beat bad. Brett Favre showed us that he can still play. Don't miss your chance to get great pictures at a very low price and this could be Favre's last year!!

The pictures below have been resized and labeled with "" but the ones you will receive can be blown up to any size with no altering done on my part. This means that if you would like to make a poster for your kids wall or just an 8x10 for you personal collection, you'll be able to. You'll also be able to get individual pictures made for autographs. I've sold quite a few disks and I've had nothing but great responses about the pictures.

Coleman and Kerney

Vick Throwing

Favre Dropping Back

Brett Favre

Falcon Pregame

Erin Rogers


T.J. Duckett

Vick Dropping Back



Coleman Sack

Favre Pregame


Favre Front View

Kerney Sacking Favre

Favre Handing Off